It Starts TODAY


Yes, Today.

It’s so easy to defer things until later. Until the time is right. Until you’re more ready.

What if…?

There are what if’s in every direction. What if it doesn’t work?

Sometimes the opposite question can be even more scary – What if it DOES work?

Let that sit with you.

Whether your nemesis is needing to lose weight, quit smoking, or making sure you get enough sleep. The things that paralyze us are often the same.

Whether you’re curious about weight loss surgery, have had it, or don’t care a lick about it, I invite you to watch this video prepared by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons (ASMBS – Disclosure: I’m an ASMBS Integrated Health member). Watch it with an open mind. Think about what’s holding you back.

Make it real. Say it out loud.

My next request is a big one. Really big. I want you to talk with someone about it. Anyone. Comment here, tell your doctor, tell your best friend. Tell someone you’ll never see again. Say it in a forum, say it to a baby, message me privately. You’re not alone.

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